Getting started is as easy as...

First, we need to discuss what you need and when you need it. A design brief is the perfect place to start. These basic questions will help me to understand what you have in mind and they'll allow me to give you a very clear idea of the best way to proceed and what you can expect in terms of time and cost to complete your project. Take a few minutes to review the questions and we can cover anything that you're not sure about in your free consultation. Having a clear, concise plan from the start is critical to our success.

Next, I'll prepare a written proposal that outlines, in detail, what you can expect from me, when you can expect it and what it's going to cost. Typically one or more rounds of revisions are necessary and the requirements will vary based on the job. Should you have any concerns or questions about anything in the proposal, now is the time to discuss it. If the requirements and/or scope of the job are changed by you after work has begun, additional cost may be incurred. Once you've accepted the proposal and a deposit has been made, work will begin. Please note that should you cancel your project after approval has been received and work has begun your deposit will not be refunded.

Once your project is complete and accepted by you I will supply final files as outlined in the written proposal and invoice the remaining balance. Payment is expected within 3 days of release of final art files. All art will be watermarked and remain the property of Design & Marketing Solutions (D&MS) until payment has been made in full. All work is billed through PayPal. You may pay your invoice with your PayPal account or with a major credit card, in which case no account is necessary. 

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